I wish you had real eye brows..

Pre-workout? Eh, well…

I tried out the pre-workout supplement BETA-CRET today. It helps. It doesn’t make me feel like I downed a 5-hour energy either, which is nice. It is indeed helpful for getting more sets in it seems, which wasn’t much of a surprise. I would say that unless I am doing some sort of crazy full-body workout it is too much, however. There’s a lingering amount of “unused” energy/buzz after a normal gym session which makes me feel like I’m on some stupid medication. Note: I am doing high intensity lifting with hypertrophy in mind. Willpower and consistency will do just fine if you’re wanting to get fit or make gains in any way — that’s just the way life is.  I don’t even do coffee, and I only drink tea in the morning if at all. The caffeine in these probably would have most of the same desired effects of pre-workout minus the minor buzz factors that some AXE wearing kids with swag might care for. Don’t be one of those. 

Abuse is never okay.


WOMEN, WOMEN… please. Pay attention to my words: STOP waiting for the opportune moment to get out of an abusive relationship. A wise man once said that it is the MAN’S DUTY to protect the purity of a woman and to make sure she feels safe in his care . Don’t try and change his ways, or wait for him to stop knocking you around, or to verbally stop tearing you down. AND DON’T EVER be made to feel that you deserve it. You don’t. Your value is worth far more than that. Real talk.

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